Charlotte DOG GUARD Testimonials


Testimonial 4Testimonial 1We’ve had Dog Guard for over 10 years and it is a solution for keeping our two dogs on our property while allowing them to roam as much as possible. The system works great! Best of all, the Dog Guard people are great to work with. They are quick to follow up on email requests and work to find the best, most economic solutions to our problems.
Recently, we lost the battery cover to a 10-year-old receiver on one of our dogs’ collars. I contacted Dog Guard of Charlotte and rather than try to sell us a brand new collar & receiver, he asked for the model number and was replaced the battery cover at no cost other than the $2.50 shipping. Now that is what I call service.
If you are looking for a great, invisible solution for containing your dogs on your property, I highly recommend contacting Dog Guard of Charlotte. You’ll end up with a great solution and know that you didn’t get overcharged for it. – Matthew Byrne via Facebook

For national testimonials about Dog Guard® please click here.  Each of these customers had a positive experience with Dog Guard electronic dog fencing, and have told their story so that you would be able to have the confidence you need to let us protect your pet.


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